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February 20

They’re Not “Soft Skills.” They’re Core Skills and Knowledge. And We Need to Start Saying So.

By E. Michele Ramsey and Laurie Grobman We’ve all heard it a million times—those of us in the humanities deal with “soft skills,” not “hard skills.” This binary, of course, stems (no pun intended) from the delineation between the “hard” sciences and all of those other “soft” majors. The knowledge and skills learned in the […]

The Modern and Future Economies Need All of Us

In the editorial, STEM education crucial to America’s future, James P. Cinelli responds to an editorial I co-wrote and I would like to respond to his arguments. Cinelli’s letter is flawed in several ways. First, he notes that the $10,000 more per year some engineers begin making after graduation means a good deal when multiplied over […]

20 Songs That Should Be On Your Halloween Party Playlist But Probably Aren’t

I submit for your consideration twenty songs that should be on every Halloween party playlist. In no particular order, this list includes songs that, to me, ooze with the sounds of a great Halloween party soundtrack. What songs would you add? Creepy and cool. A nice minor key and Adam’s unmistakable voice. Because every Halloween […]

Why I Care That You Quit Your Teaching Job

Unlike Ian Bogost, who tells us here that he doesn’t care that you quit your job in academics, I do care that you quit your job. And before I rush off to teach my classes today, let me briefly tell you why. I care that you quit your job because too many good people who understand […]

“Whiplash”: The Hyper-Masculine Mentor Myth and Its Anti-Feminine Counterparts

Damien Chezelle’s Whiplash has received critical and popular acclaim and, in some ways, it is indeed a great film. Leads J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller are outstanding in their roles. The music is magical and, for this drummer, a film focused on that craft is a lot of fun. And as a number of my friends […]

Artie Lange, the Marketplace of Ideas, and Blaming the “PC Police”

This will be a quick post because 140 characters just isn’t enough space to communicate effectively on this topic. In fact, the tweet above is only one of many it took Artie Lange to communicate his perspective on ESPN’s Cari Champion. If you haven’t heard, comedian Artie Lange is up in arms because in response […]

Should we “Never Forget” or should we “Remember”?

On last week’s anniversary of the 9/11 attacks I saw post after post on Facebook asking that we “Never Forget” (a visual analysis of these posts is a whole different topic I won’t cover here). I know these posts were made by well-intentioned people still mourning those events and so my comments are not meant […]