I submit for your consideration twenty songs that should be on every Halloween party playlist. In no particular order, this list includes songs that, to me, ooze with the sounds of a great Halloween party soundtrack. What songs would you add?

Creepy and cool. A nice minor key and Adam’s unmistakable voice.

Because every Halloween playlist should have at least one Ministry song and this one is a classic. Plus Halloween is right there in the name. So, there’s that.

Anne Clark’s voice will give you the shivers. As an added bonus, it’s a great 80s synth/dance sound. It just screams Aquanet and goth-girl eyeliner to me. Straight from the decade that brought us 1984–the year everyone in high school had to read, well, 1984.

Jay Price’s tune isn’t from the 80s, but its Halloween appropriate double entendre and twangy guitar make it a must!

Wanna slow the party down a little? Try this one.

Cramps for the win.

Depeche Mode had zombies before zombies were cool again.

Absolutely integral to the 80s dance/industrial sound. Dark and danceable!

How can anyone resist dance song with a Bewitched sample?

Because it should be on every party playlist.

Most NIN songs fit the bill, but this track off Trent’s latest CD fits better than most.

That haunting twang! Plus howling at no additional charge.

Another minor key dance tune from Generation X. And yeah, it’s dark. One of those tunes that takes me back to a general feeling of the 80s.

It’s right there in the name! Plus, they’re from Texas. Oh, Deep Ellum of the 80s, how I miss you.

Slow, but it keeps you moving somehow.

Because Rob Zombie.

Everybody happy as the dead come home!

Definitely¬†not the kinder, gentler Ministry. Are there a better lines than “chewing on glass” and walking on splinters”?

Let’s give some credit to a really underrated band.

Honestly, who isn’t these days? And we miss you, Bowie.

Happiest of Halloweens to you!