Welcome to (Re)Presenting Rhetoric!

Howdy! I am an Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences and Women’s Studies interested in the intersections of political communication, gender, popular culture, and freedom of expression, to name just a few interests.

Too often our scholarship is only read by others in the discipline, but that should change. What could be more central to life than communication? People often claim that our problems can be solved with more communication. But as one of my professors in graduate school said (Dr. John Gossett at the University of North Texas), we should really focus on better communication, not just more of it. After all, what good is more bad communication?

I call this blog (Re)presenting rhetoric because the word “rhetoric” is often misunderstood and used as a pejorative. So, on occasion I’d like to do some reclamation work and re-present rhetoric in a way that helps those that may not study it see its influence on our daily lives and perhaps even learn help readers learn how to be more critical consumers of the rhetoric that surrounds us. Some times this will mean that I’ll interrogate some rhetoric (often surrounding politics) that I think needs interrogation. Some times it’ll mean that I’ll examine elements of our popular culture to draw conclusions about what the rhetorical choices of those who create our popular culture can mean for the construction and maintenance of our own identities. And some times I’ll just go off into a random direction, usually having something to do with my love of music, particularly alternative music from the ’80s.

I hope you enjoy what you read and always welcome comments!